Art by Céline Nordberg


Northern Europes largest art fair, exhibition in a gallery in Copenhagen and collaboration with different art platforms is some of the activities that count my CV

Art Fairs

Art Nordic


Northern Europes largest Art Fair

Art Nordic


Exhibition called ARTEXPERIENCE

Art Nordic


Exhibition called ARTUNITES



(Since 2021)

Art gallery in the center of Copenhagen

Censored Exhibitions

Klassisk tegneskole


Exhibition called ‘Tegn!’


March 2022:

Exhibition in Kødbyen in Copenhagen with seven pieces – hosted by Bazr

Juli-august 2022

Exhibition with 30 artworks at the firm Sund & Bælt in Copenhagen and Korsør

April 2023

Exhibition with 25 artworks at the firm PFA Pension in Copenhagen

Design Markets

Finders Keepers

December 2022

February 2023


FAM – Female Art Market

Art platform for women art

Art Nordic

Part of Art Next – Art Nordics talent program